What is Terror-Free Investing?


Every invested dollar has a consequence. Those dollars can be directed toward good or they can be spent to do evil. At Empowerment Financial Group, we help you manage your wealth while you make a financial and moral impact in the war on terrorism. EFG has investment vehicles that screen out companies with active, non-humanitarian ties to Iran, Syria, North Korea and Sudan, nations identified as state sponsors of terror. It’s the investor equivalent of consumer activism “voting with your feet” a fast-growing movement of aware, ethically responsible investors determined to take a stand.

patriatYou would likely never funnel a single dollar to terrorists intentionally. In fact, 86 percent of Americans in a recent poll said they’re “not willing to do business with companies that do business in and with terrorist-sponsoring states” (Source: Luntz Mazlansky Strategic Research). Why allow your hard earned assets to trickle down to terrorists unknowingly? By ensuring your investments are Terror-free, you are sending a strong message to public companies: “Your choice to do business in rogue nations who sponsor terrorists is wrong and morally reprehensible. You may choose to do business with them regardless of the consequences, but not with my money.

Let Empowerment Financial Group help you invest with a purpose today. Join our mission: “To fight terrorism one informed investor at a time.”


Remember, we are not alone in this fight: *A recent poll showed more than 86 percent of Americans would not be willing to invest in companies who do business with terror-sponsoring states.

It’s time to take the next step in this fight. Let us advise, assess and manage building your wealth in an ethically responsible way.


*source: Luntz Mazlansky Strategic Research